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Age Now im 19... fuck
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Height 77"
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Ujiteru Hojo was a samurai during the senjjoku jidai, that had no real use other than being a legit mother fuker

Founder and head admin of Sex Machineguns Wikia.

A Sex Machineguns fan since a young age, I collecting so muching smg crap in my day boy!! let me tell ya, I got all sorts a merch JAJAJAJA

In October 2016 I visited Japan for the purpose of Sex Machineguns live. I been seen Sex Machineguns three times on 10/10, 10/12 and 10/14. and Met Sussy and Shingo.

I own an Edwards ハレンチV and Edwards E-Anchang Star.

I make me own music, Motorolf!

Founder of Post-Birth Abortion (Death Metal), 悪魔大群 (Visual Kei, Mandragora (Black Metal), M.S.T (Crust Punk/Powerviolence) )and Guitarist in Domesticated (Grinding Queercore)

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ESP Edwards E-Anchang Star

ESP Edwards ハレンチV

Fender HSH Blacktop Stratocaster