The Cycle
The cycle
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Status Active
Origin Japan
Years active 2007-Presents

Genres J-Metal
Label  ?

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Biography Edit

The Cycle - Band founded of three ex-Machineguns, before Ellguns.

Members Edit

-Akino Lee (Vocal) Edit

-Panther (Guitar) Edit

-Kenjiro (Bass) Edit

-Sypan Joe (Drums) Edit

Discography Edit

-Demo Edit


2.Ambivalence (5.9.2007)

-Albums Edit

1.A Total Eclipse Of The Sun (27.8.2008)

A Total Eclipse Of The Sun

2.Metal Circus (16.9.2009)

Metal Circus

3.Spectracks (14.7.2010)


4.Metal Thunder Driver (14.9.2011)

Metal Thunder Driver

5.Metalogics (5.3.2014)


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DVD Edit

1.Beginning:Summer Chopper 14.01.2009 Edit

The CYCLE - Slap Shot (Live)

The CYCLE - Slap Shot (Live)

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