Sussy 22
Vital statistics
Position Guitar
Age 45
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'5
Weight 70 kg

Biography Edit

Sussy (real name Furuya Masahito , born 3 February 1974) (Blood Type 0) Guitarist of Sex Machineguns, Ino Head Park and Dufu.

He started carrer in 1995 when he join to Sex Machineguns, it is possible that he recorded guitar parts in the demo from 1995. He played with the band , recorded the first live video "Into to Fire" in Citta'.

From that moment the band began to relate very successful , they played the first tour of Japan ,evry next album referring great success.

In 2000 Sex Machineguns play first SM Show in Budokan , Sussy and Sex Machineguns were at the peak of popularity, but second half of 2000 Sussy decided to leave from band , the reason was the wrong direction in which the band goes. He recorded last single and album with Sex Machineguns "S.H.R" and Barbe-Q★マイケル ,and left from the band in 2001.

After leaving there was nothing special to 2004 , when he join to Ino Head Park, team founded Takuya , They were successful , but the problem was the lack of a stable team, the band played with breakes until 2012, when they decided to pause activity. In 2013 they play a concerts.

-2008 Back to Sex Machineguns Edit

In 2008 Sex Machineguns didn't have a guitarist, Sussy decided to help the band and play with replacements on hand Dragon Sue. From 2012,he play still in Sex Machineguns.

Today Sussy play in Sex Machineguns and Dufu with Noisy and SSSJ.


Guitars Edit

-Sussy Custom's Guitar's Edit


Life Event's Edit

-1995 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-2000 Leave from Sex Machineguns.

-2004 Join to the Ino Head Park.

-2008 Back to Sex Machineguns as Support.

-Funded DUFU with Noisy and SSSJ.

Trivia Edit

-He likes fetish.

-He likes to take snuff.

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Appearances Edit

-Band's Edit

1.Sex Machineguns 1995-2000 ,2008-Presents. Edit

2.Ino Head Park 2004-2012 ,2013. Edit

3.Dufu -Presents Edit

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