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-Anchang (Vocals, Guitar) 1989-Presents

-Shingo☆ (Bass) 2007-Presents

-(Support) Sussy (Guitar) (1995-2001 Official Member) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012- Presents (Support)


-Leon- (Drums) 2015-Presents 2014-2015 (Support)

-Ken'ichi (Drums) 2007-2012

-Ryotatsu (Guitar) 2007-2008

-Samurai.W.Kenjilaw (Bass) 2004-2006

-Circuit.V.Panther (Guitar) 2001-2003, 2004-2006

-Speed Star Sypan Joe (Drums) 1997-1999, 2004-2006

-Noisy (Bass) 1995-2003

-Clutch.J.Himawari (Drums) 1999-2003

-Mad Power Tsuchiya (Drums) 1989-1997

-Atkins (Bass) 1995

-サーマス (Bass) 1989-1993


-Pretty Tsumura



Support Members (Past)[]

-Crazy Horse Kameen (Guitar) 2001-2003

-Cyzer.A.Hamburg (Guitar) 2001

-Takeo Shimoda (Drums) 1998-1999, 2014

-Ryosuke (Dragon Sue) 2009, 2011


Sex Machineguns I (Early era) (1989-1994)[]


Sex Machineguns were originally the idea of two college students, Ando Koji (Anchang) and Tsuchiya Hiroshi (Mad Power). The early Sex Machineguns were located in Kagoshima prefecture and consisted of Anchang on guitar Mad Power on drums and Asada on vocals. Their style at the time was based on loud punk more than metal. The band went through many lineup changes though this period starting when Asada left the band and was replaced by ロボッターImai on Vocals and Pretty Tsumura joined on bass. The lineup changed again when Anchang moved to Tokyo for and employment opportunity, Anchang kept the band going with new members based in Tokyo with Anchang on guitar, Noisy on vocals, サーマス on bass and Takechang on drums. Because the band felt Noisy's vocals were to rough, it was suggested that Anchang should sing. He started vocal lessons, but he did not take it seriously. He was once told to pratice at the Tama river, but instead just fed the pigeons. Anchang sung for a few months but then decided he could not do it. Shortly アトキンスッコン joined on bass but was replaced quickly as サーマス rejoin yet again. Just at the time ロボッターImai had moved to Tokyo and re-joined, along with Mad Power and Noisy started to play rhythm guitar. In 1994 Noisy called Anchang and informed him he was leaving the band, he was replaced by Sussy, however this was short lived as Sex Machineguns officially halted actives so Anchang could focus on his job.

Sex Machineguns II (Indie Era) (1995-1998)[]


In 1995 Noisy reformed Sex Machineguns with Anchang on vocals and guitar, Noisy on bass, Sussy on guitar and Mad Power on drums. Sex Machineguns released their first home made demo, and toured heavily which lead to their discovery by music management company M.A.R.S.A. After joining with M.A.R.S.A they released an official demo tape entitled "さそりの毒は恐ろしい". In early 1997 they released a Live CD and VCR. Shortly after Mad Power quit and Speed Star Sypan Joe was hired as replacement. After Joe joined they released another live VHS "Born of Fire" as well as the demo single "JAPAN".

Toshiba EMI became interested and offered a record deal. Sex Machineguns released their first single in 1998 entitled “Hanabi-la 大回転", and shortly after "BURN 〜愛の帆脳を燃やせ〜” two months later they released their first album “Sex Machinegun”.

Sex Machineguns III (1999-2003)[]

SEXMACHINEGUNS20021110 1.jpg

The album both instantly followed by a huge tour of Japan from Kagoshima to Sapporo, each venue sold out. In 1999 the released their second album “Made In Japan” and another sold out tour. In 2000 S.S.S Joe left the band due to back injury and new drummer Himawari was hired. with new drummer Himawari they recorded their 3rd album “BBQ-Michel”. Just before the tour, Sussy felt differences in band direction and the newly wed dropout left the band. In a rush Himawari suggested they hire Circuit.V.Panther from his old band “CleiR” and continued the tour with Panther as support shortly after he was hired officially in to the band and they recorded their 4th album “Ignition” in 2002. Suddenly, Sex Machineguns announced their disbandment and a farewell tour to wrap up with 2 final shows at Budokan. “Final Attack” was their most successful tour selling out the famous venue Nippon Budokan twice. Sex Machineguns released a CD and DVD for their 2 final shows. For the first show they released the CD “LIVE! Final Atack at Budokan” and their last show “SM SHOW FINALE”. The DVD is considered one the best live DVD’s in history by many.

Sex Machineguns IV (2004-2006)[]

Sexmachineguns all02 lv.jpg

In 2004 Anchang and C.V.Panther revived Sex Machineguns with new line-up with Samurai.W.Kenjilaw on bass and brought back S.S.S.Joe on drums. They released their 5th album entitled “Heavy Metal Thunder” not creating as much commercial success as before they engaged in a smaller tour of Japan in smaller venues. in late 2005 they travelled to USA the record their new album “Made In USA” they documented their stay and released 2 DVD’s “A Day In The Live” which showed the one show they played in Nashville (Club 12th & Porter) and “Living in America” which documented their stay and recording of the album. after tour Japan for the new album. After the "Zarigani Chop Americana tour" C.V.Panther, S.S.S.Joe, and S.W.Kenjilaw left to pursue their old band “Elleguns” with the new name “The Cycle” in 2006.

Sex Machineguns V (2007-2012)[]

Sex Machineguns V.jpg

In 2007 Anchang released 2 singles as Sex Machineguns with him as the only official member of the band. in 2008 Anchang hired Ryotatsu on Guitar, Shingo on Bass, and Ken’ichi on drums. With this new line-up they released 2 singles and their 6th album entitled “Cameron” shortly after the tour Ryotatsu left due to family issues. with just 3 members and members and support member Dragon Sue they released their 7th studio album“45º↗︎”. The single from the album “Pride” was very successful and was the the closest they came to the mainstream success of the early 2000s. in 2011 the released their 8th album “SMG” and Single “37564”. In 2012 they released the single “雨の川崎" which followed with a tour with “THE冠" and a live DVD entitled “SEX MACHINEGUNS vs THE冠:SEX冠 2012”. In 2013 drummer Ken’ichi left the band and Sex Machineguns went on hiatus while Shingo and Anchang worked on their new band “The✩Maintenace”.

Sex Machineguns VI (2013-Present)[]

Sex Machineguns Vl 1.jpg

Sex Machineguns embarked on another tour with THE冠 In december 2013 with support drummer Leon. However Leon was temporarily replaced by old-time support drummer Takeo Shimoda and recorded and released the EP "未練FIRE!" in July 2014. The EP received high reviews and news of an album with Leon as an official member was announced. Sex Machineguns released their 9th album "LOVE GAMES" on October 29th 2014. After SEX冠 2014 Sex Machineguns embarked on a tour supporting their new record. In may 2015 Sex Machineguns released a new single entitled "メタル経理マン". In December 2015 Sex Machineguns released a new album "Metal Monster".

Written by Dylan Stobbart.

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SEX MACHINEGUN (1998.10.16) TOCT-10469

MADE IN JAPAN (1999.11.26) TOCT-24258

Barbe-Q★マイケル (2001.3.7) TOCT-24546

IGNITION (2002.10.09) TOCT-24870

HEAVY METAL THUNDER (2005.03.02) TOCT-25617

MADE IN USA (2006.02.08) TOCT-25930

CAMERON (2008.10.08) TOCT-26590

45°↗ (2009.10.09) MRSA-1007

SMG (2011.08.31) YZXL-10028

LOVE GAMES (2014.10.29) NQKS-1006

METAL MONSTER (2015.12.16) NQKS-1011

IRON SOUL (2018.11.28) NQKS-1022


HANABI-la大回転 (1998.04.22) TODT-5135

BURN 〜愛の炎を燃やせ〜 (1998.09.18) TODT-5198

TEKKEN II (1999.02.03) TODT-5256

みかんのうた (Live) (1999.04.21) TODT-5291

ONIGUNSOW (1999.10.20) TODT-5340

愛こそすべて (2000.05.24) TODT-5391

S.H.R. ~セクシーヒーローレヴォリューション~ (2001.01.24) TOCT-22130

そこに、あなたが... (2002.01.23) TOCT-4349

暴走ロック (2002.05.16) TOCT-4373

世直し Good Vibration (2002.08.07) TOCT-4407

出前道一直線 (2004.11.10) TOCT-4809

サスペンス劇場 (2005.02.09) TOCT-4842

愛人28 (2005.08.03) TOCT-4877

廃品回収 (2007.08.22) -

毒マムシ (2007.09.26) -

JACKY (2007.10.31) -

プライド (2009.03.04) MRS-0304

37564 (2011.02.23) YZXL-5029

雨の川崎 (2012.01.25) YZXL-5036

未練FIRE! (2014.07.02) NQKS-1004

メタル経理マン (2015.05.27) NQKS-1009


LIVE FIRE (1997.03.29) MRSC-0001

Burning Hammer (2001.10.31) TOCT-24658

LIVE!! Final Attack at BUDOKAN (2003.09.26) TOCT-25148


INTO THE FIRE (1997.05.13) MRSV-0001

BORN OF FIRE (1997.11.21) MRSV-0002

HELLthy Set-M (1999.04.21) BVC-1015

緊急 ! 野ざらし (2000.09.27) TOVF-1346

SM Show (2000.11.16) TOVF-1354

SM Show 2 (2002.02.20) TOBF-5119


ゆく年くる年. 蛇METALⅡ〜年中無休〜 -

新居浜ビデオ (2003.02.09) MRSV-1004

SM Show 3 (2003.02.19) TOBF-5194

SM Show Finale (2003.10.22) TOBF-5248

Asian Metal (2004.07.08)

A Day In The Live - SEX MACHINEGUNS LIVE IN USA (2006.06.28) TOBF-5485

INDEPENDENCE DAY (2010.09.22) MRSD-0428

SMG ALIVE (2011.05.18) YZXL-8005

SEX冠 Tour 2012 (2013.07.18) PPPD-2004



SUPER SPEED STAR (1999.-.-) -

ヴィデオSEX (2000.06.07) TOBF-5118

莫山先生振付講座 (2000.09.27) -

莫山先生振付講座番外編 (2001.-.-) -

長髪DANGER (2001.-.-) -

ヴィデオSEX 2 (2002.12.04)

鋼鉄箱 (2003.12.13) TOBF-5285

LIVING IN AMERICA (2006.03.08) TOBF-5399

S.M.IV (2006.-.-) MRSD-0444

ファンクラブ会報 Vol.1 (2011.-.-) -

ファンクラブ会報 Vol.2 (2012-.-) -

ファンクラブ会報 Vol.3 (2012-.-) -

ファンクラブ会報 Vol.4 (2012.-.-) -


大漁 (2001.08.21) TOCT-22170

マシンガンズの集い (2003.06.04) TOCT-25063

To The Future Tracks (2003.08.06) TOCT-25083

Best Tracks - The Past And Future (2008.03.26) TOCT-26527

Remix Best (2012.04.18) FLLM-11




JAPAN 惑星からの物体"SEX"ツアー SPECIAL PREMIUM (11.21.1997)

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