Vital statistics
Position Bass
Age 45
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

Samurai.W.Kenjilaw real name Murai KenJiro (born 15 June 1974 in Yokohama) (Blood type is B) Former member of Sex Machineguns. His career began in the band Cali Gari #, whose name was inspired by the film Dr. Cali Gari. He joined the team in 1996 soon after the band was a success in the Japanese Rock Music. In 2003, the Band was ended, Kenjiro got an offer to play in the Sex Machineguns. Together with a new team created a great album Heavy Metal Thunder and Made in the USA. He also traveled to the United States along with the Sex Machineguns.

In 2006, together with Panther and Joe funded new band Elleguns. The team was instrumental project and won a great success. In 2009 Cali#Gar resumed activity, Kenjiro returned to the big stage. In 2012 Elleguns evolved into a project of The Cycle, and so continues today.

Life Event's Edit

-1996 Started Cali≠Gari.

-2004 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-2005 Travel to an America.

-2006 Funded Elleguns/Leave from Sex Machineguns.

-2009 Reactivated Cali≠Gari.

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-村井 研次郎 Edit

Guitars Edit


-ESP Basses Custom Edit

Appearances Edit

-Band's Edit

1.Cali≠Gari 1996-2003, 2009-presents.

2.Sex Machineguns 2004-2006.

3.The Cycle 2007-presents.

4.Elleguns 2006-presents.

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