Biography Edit

Vital statistics
Position Lead Guitar
Age Unknown
Status Inactive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
イベリコ・モジャ・マルムスティーン (RYOTATSU) Was the first guitarist hired for the Sex Machineguns V along with Ken'ichi on drums and Shingo (Support) on bass.

On August 2nd, 2008 it was announced on the official website it was announced Ryotatsu had departed due to family issues, stating

"I am leaving because of my family... My wife and children are still in Okinawa, it was a hard decision to come to Tokyo. Now I have decided my family is more important than working hard on a band and aiming for the Budokan. It's become extremely difficult to continue band activities, and be with my family."

It was stated by the band that the member "disappeared" and lost contact abruptly and without official closure.

Although the departure was abrupt, Sex Machineguns stated they would finish the live tour as a three piece. However they hired Sussy as a temporary live member.

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