Mad Power Tsuchiya
Mad 2015
Vital statistics
Position Drums
Age 45
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

Mad Power (real name Hiroshi Tsuchiya) Former and the first drummer of Sex Machineguns.

In 1989 he began studying at college 第一工業, where he meet Anchang and Saamasu.

They decided to form a band with Saamasu on bass, in 1993 They finished Study and stand before choosing a way of life.

In 1995 they released a demo "1995デモテープ" Then the music became their job.

Mad and Anchang served as leaders on the band ,until 1997 when the first appearances on television and recording live video Mad Leave from the band.

He was replaced by Speed Star Sypan Joe and Retired From Music.

In 2014 during a concert in長野CLUB JUNK BOX Mad Power visited the team


Anchang, Sussy, Mad Power, Leon

Band's Edit

-Sex Machineguns 1989-1997

-Other projects 1997-?

-Nyctophilia 2015-Presents
Mad Power-0

Life Event's Edit

-1989 Founded Sex Machineguns.

-1997 Leave.

Trivia Edit

-He keeping up with normal work. -Still plays on the drums.

-He first use Visual Kei in Sex Machineguns.

Percussion Edit

Mad Power Drums

Video Edit



1st live at Sakudaira

1st live at Sakudaira.-NYCTOPHILIA-


Sex Machineguns - Fire (rare video)

Sex Machineguns - Fire (rare video)


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