Vital statistics
Position Drums
Age 29
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

(Kenichi, real name: Kenichi Imai - born 21 May 1986 in Saijō ) Drummer of Loka.

2007-2012 Sex Machineguns. Edit

In 2007 Sex Machineguns had no members, Anchang ordered the recruitment of new members,Ken'ichi was elected as the new drummer of Sex Machineguns, ☀Ken'ichi not loosed skills of older drummers , in 2007 he recorded with Sex Machineguns two singles(Jacky and毒マムシ), and in 2008 the album " Cameron ".

During the recording of " Cameron " along with Shingo was the originator recording vlog on Yahoo .

In 2009, Sex Machineguns has decided to record a new album of 45 ° ↗ ,45 ° ↗ proved to be one of the best albums of their execution, Sex Machineguns after years of oblivion again stood by the best teams in Japan, thanks to Ken'ichi formed the drums to hits like Pride,Hitozuma Killer or Anaconda.

In 2011, SMG started recording the album SMG, the album turned out to be good, but he was far from 45, The recording helped the Dragon Sue , for the first time since 2008 Sex Machineguns had two guitar on the album. In order to promote Ken'ichi with Sex Machineguns they held the first since 2006 tour in Japan , playing from Hiroshima to Sapporo.

In 2012, Ken'ichi planned funded the new band Loka, and left from Sex Machineguns.,He recorded with them one single雨 の 川 崎 turned out to be weak in the eyes of critics , even though it Ken'ichi took the last route of SEX冠2012.

2012-Presents LoKa. Edit

In 2012, Ken'ichi with Kihiro formed a new band Loka, on bass and guitar Katsumi and Sin .

Life Event's Edit

-1998 Ken'ichi started learn to play the drums. He was inspired by YOSHIKI from X Japan.

-2007 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-He was a member of the Union Of Moon.

-2012 Leave from SmG and Join to LOKA.

Appearances Edit

-Band's Edit

1.Loka 2012-Presents

2.Sex Machineguns 2007-2012

3.Takamiy 2010-Presents

Video Edit

Ken'ichi Drum solo 2012

Ken'ichi Drum solo 2012

Percussion  Edit

Ken ichi
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