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Dylan Stobbart July 24th 2015: I want this page to have everything, not just a Wikipedia, but a network of anything related to Sex Machineguns, which means I want to have all bands any members have been in at any point for any period of time to have their own band wikia within this one, Pages for all previous fanclubs and websites, any possible pages for mangers and friends of the band, pages for important fans and more. Complicated I know, but we have all the time in the world and we can make it happen. Send questions to Talk.

For Bands who are just friends of SMG, do not get a huge page with discography like Dustar-3 or Ino Head Park. Just The basic information and they're affiliation with SMG

We're going to do a big cleanup sometime next week. Complete the front page, New band page template, and edit existing pages to fit it.

Ditching the band wikia Idea, sticking to an infobox style template.

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