Vital statistics
Position Drums/Piano/Vocal
Age 48
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 172cm
Weight 55kg (Old Data)

Biography Edit

Himawari (Real name Jun Kanki) (Born 16.04.1971) Former Drummer of Sex Machineguns. He joined to band in 1999 as Speed Sypan Joe and Leave in 2003 with Noisy. Now he play in Dustar-3 and PASSPO☆ .

Percussion Edit

Himawari drums

Life Event's Edit

-1999 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-2002 Funded Dustar

-2014 Passpo Support Drummer.

Bands Edit

-Cleir Edit

-Sex Machineguns (1999) Edit

-Dustar-2/3 (2002) (2003)- Edit

-Passpo☆ (2014)- Edit

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