Panther live
Vital statistics
Position Guitar
Age 48
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 182
Weight 62

Biography Edit

Circurit V Panther ( Panther ,real name Yahiro Yoshikazu, Born 5 July 1970 ) , Former guitarist of Sex Machineguns,now Elleguns (The Cycle)and PASSPO ☆The Ground Crew.

Joined Sex Machineguns after the departure Sussy, Himawari offered him Anchang ,he decided to give him a chance. He brought to the Sex Machineguns a lot of power metal and fast solos. The first production credits include そ こ に, あ な た が ... Thanks to his ability to single became a hit in Japan. It was a very positive change in the direction of Heavy Metal. Second, he produced the album IGNITION, he was a great success. He was the face of the SM Show Finale, in the final released his song Finale.

At the end of 2003 with the reformed Sex Machineguns Anchang, Bassist was Samurai.W.Kenjilaw from Cali#Gari, on drums returned Speed Star Sypan Joe.

They played at the beginning of 2004 at the festival Formuz on Taiwan and recorded new Album Heavy Metal Thunder. It was quite different from the previous production, with a strong emphasis on the seriousness. Sex Machineguns lost its popularity, but went in a new most harder direction.

Panther solos became an icon Sex Machineguns lV, in subsequent productions have played the biggest role. Also, the team has developed in terms of organization and media. Together with Sex Machineguns went to the USA, where he recorded an album Made in the USA. In 2006, together with the rest of the team he founded Elleguns, Sex Machineguns lV fell apart. In the career of the Sex Machineguns released a solo album Sexy Finger and Sexy Finger ll , he was highly regarded for melody and lightness of the game. In later years, his career has become less active and Elleguns project was not a success due to the return of bassist Kenjilaw to Cali#Gari and drummer returns Joe to Dasein. In 2010 Elleguns turned into The Cycle of the instrumental version to a full band with vocals Akino Lee.

The new band ware a success as the album Metal Thunder Driver. At that time, he recorded a solo album Panther Sexy Finger III and in 2012 Sexy Finger lV. In 2012, together with Himawari they were members of a support team Passpo☆ and so his career is laid.


Life Event's Edit

-2001 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-2006 Funded Ellguns

Trivia Edit

-He really likes hair.

-Lots of smoke.

Appearances Edit

1.Sexy Finger (26.9.2003)

Sexy finger 1
2.Sexy Finger 2 (15.9.2004)
Sexy finger 2

3.Sexy Finger 3 (13.4.2011) TKCD-413

Sexy finger 3

4.Sexy Finger 4 (11.4.2012) TKCD-0411

Sexy finger 4

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Panther 2002
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