Tracklist[edit | edit source]

Todt-5291 AWK extralarge.png
Sex Machineguns
Released April 21st, 1999
Recorded Japan
Length Unknown
Producer Unknown
  1. みかんのうた (Live)
  2. illusion city
  3. illusion city 〜Anchang と “勝負じゃこりゃー” version〜

Overview[edit | edit source]

みかんのうた is the 5th Single of Sex Machineguns.

Versions[edit | edit source]

April 21st, 1999 - TOSHIBA EMI - Regular Edition 8cm CD - TODT-5291

May 23rd, 2001 - TOSHIBA EMI - Reissue 12cm CD w/Alt Cover - TOCT-4299

Members[edit | edit source]

S.S.S.Joe (Drums), Noisy (Bass), Anchang (Vocals, Guitar), Sussy (Guitar)

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